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List of Determinations from 1st January 2023

The following are the currently active 'Determinations':

Date of Issue Feedstock Type of Certificate

No. of Certs

per MJ

23/11/22 Brewer's Spent Yeast Orange 1
23/11/22 Spent Bleaching Earth Green 2
19/12/22 Food Waste Green 2
19/12/22 Belly Grass Green 2
21/12/22 Liquid Whey Permeate Green 2
21/12/22 Waste Starch Slurry Green 2
21/12/22 Brown Grease Green 2

One of three Certificate types (Red, Orange, or Green) will be awarded to renewable fuels that satisfy the sustainability and GHG savings criteria, depending on the feedstock used to produce the fuels.  Renewable fuels produced from food and feed crops will be awarded Red Certificates.  Those produced from feedstocks listed in Annex IX Part A of RED II (or as determined by the RTFO Team to meet the descriptions contained in Annex IX Part A) will be awarded Green Certificates.  All other renewable fuels will be awarded Orange Certificates.

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