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Under the BOS Legislation, NORA must make several determinations.


Double Cert Determinations

Under the current regulations biofuel may be eligible to receive two BOS Certs per litre, if the material used to produce the fuel can be considered to be one of the following: a biodegradable waste, residue, non-food cellulosic material, ligno-cellulosic material, or algae.

From 1 January 2023, biofuels produced from feedstocks listed in Annex IX of RED II will be double counted.  Where a feedstock is not explicitly listed in Annex IX, the BOS Team will carry out a determination and provide a list of the approved feedstocks.

Date Determinations

The closing date for submitting applications for BOS Certs in respect of each reporting period.


Statement of Account Determinations

The dates by which statements of account will be made available to each account holder during each reporting period and following a request from an account holder.  




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